Next Life

A circular concept

By building furniture that lasts using responsible materials, we are helping our customers extend their refurbishment cycles and cut their environmental impact. And, when your Boss Design product reaches the end of its first life, our service will collect it, safety check it and donate it to one of our partner organisations.

Planning product lifecycles

At Boss Design, we are moving towards a circular production model. There’s a long way to go, but lifecycle planning is already embedded in our product development process. We can help extend the service life of your Boss Design products by supporting you with repair and maintenance and can reupholster pieces to refresh them or to meet branding updates such as new colourways.

When a product reaches the end of its service in your organisation, we’ll work with you to plan the next phase of its life cycle. Our preference is for it to be reused – this represents the least energy consumption and lowest carbon output. To that end, we work with the ethical clearance company Waste to Wonder.

Waste to Wonder and Boss Design

Our reuse and recycling partnership with Waste to Wonder began in 2003 and has divereted over 1,600 tones of office furniture from landfill to ethical causes, so far.

For example, Boss Design and our customers have helped equip over 750 schools in 18 countries including Sierra Leone, Kenya and India. Projects ranging from 10 to 5,000 workstations can be supported, saving customers thousands of pounds in disposal costs.

Recover and recycle

If reuse is not an option, our products and be taken apart using standard hand tools, then separated into different material groups for recycling. All new furniture we manufacture is designed with this in mind, and the materials we recover will then constitute new products, which will begin new life cycles of their own.

Every time we reuse a piece of furniture or break down a worn-out product to recycle its materials, we reduce what we take from the natural environment, reduce waste and reduce carbon emissions. This is the aim of the circular economy, and it’s our goal too.

Many customers are joining us on this journey, and we are seeing increased demand for second life Boss Design products.

“More than ever, consumers value transparency. Through self-disclosure of ingredients, sourcing, and life cycle information, our certification shows customers that your product is one they can trust.”

Mark Barrell, Design Director

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A Circular Concept