Responsible Manufacturing

Quality by Design

Understated elegance and a devotion to detail are hallmarks of Cartwright designs, but for us good furniture is about more than aesthetics. Each piece not only looks enticing but is comfortable to sit in. Alongside great looks and comfort, every chair and sofa we make delivers on the functionality it was designed for. The result is human-centric furniture that people want to use every day.

Circular manufacturing

At Cartwright we know how fragile the environment is and that each item we produce will someday return to it at the end of its useful life. Our aim is to extend the lifecycle of our products by using the best materials and excellent build quality. As we progress, our aim is to continually increase the recycled and recyclable content of each line, while designing new products that are easier to refurbish and reuse.

Made to last

At our factory in High Point, North Carolina, we design and build commercial furniture that stands the test of time. Designed for long-lasting appeal, we make seating that will look great now and long into the future. Our skilled carpenters, joiners, machinists and upholsterers build each piece to the highest standard, making the Cartwright name synonymous with high-quality American workmanship.


Low waste, low impact operation

Over the years, we have kept our footprint low and taken care to minimize our impact on the nearly 75 acres of woodland that surround our facility. That includes a restoration program after construction and ensuring we maximize waste recycling.


Responsible sourcing

We continuously monitor our lumber supply chain. The largest percentage of our timber comes from indigenous, North American Appalachian trees – species not considered to be endangered. We are putting a greater focus on how we source all our materials and the lifecycle of our furniture.

The finest materials 

From walnut, oak and stainless-steel frames through to our fabric and leather coverings, Cartwright seating uses the best US-sourced materials. This not only enables us to build furniture that looks and feels desirable, it means we offer outstanding longevity to our customers. Cartwright products have a reputation for durability, and this is partly down to our uncompromising approach to material selection.