Cartwright's Story

A Modern Heritage

In May 1963, Jack Cartwright graduated from the Kendall School of Design in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Ambitious and imaginative, the young designer formed a company under his own name with the aim of creating contemporary seating.


Hiring a production specialist, Jack Cartwright summed up his company’s philosophy as: “To provide the market with upholstered furniture of modern design, produced with exceptionally high quality and priced within reach of many.”

Back in 1963, a young, ambitious furniture designer called Jack Cartwright founded a company in his own name. His aim was: “To provide the market with upholstered furniture of modern design, produced with exceptionally high quality and priced within the reach of many.”

With a focus on design and exceptional quality, the parallels between the Boss vision and that of Jack Cartwright are easy to see, and in 2015 the JC became part of the Boss Design Group.

Like Boss Design, Jack Cartwright has grown to become a substantial and respected supplier, renown for making quality, comfortable seating that people gravitate to. The Cartwright name has grown across the United States, and for over 50 years the brand has been producing award-winning furniture designs that turn commercial, educational, retail, hospitality, and healthcare environments into destination spaces.

>With a US supply chain, and a team of highly skilled carpenters, joiners, machinists and upholsterers, Cartwright understands that furniture is about more than aesthetics. Functionality and comfort are the key to human-centric furniture and by providing these elements, along with conscientious service and support, Cartwright has built long-standing relationships with customers and partners.

At Cartwright we have always believed in creating furniture that works well, looks beautiful and makes people feel good.

“We’re proud to be able to tell our US customers that all the furniture they buy from us is manufactured right here in the United States.”

Rob Keddie, President North America, Boss Design


The company’s 80,000 sqft factory nestles in an idyllic natural setting. Situated in High Point, North Carolina, it is surrounded by almost 75 acres of woodland restored post-construction to form a green belt around the facility. 

The Cartwright seating collection puts the focus on quality. Our products lead the way in comfort, durability and style that are made by an experienced team of expert craftspeople using traditional skills and the finest materials.