Designer Stories
& Insights

Our Boss product resource pages are designed to tell the detailed story of our products and the themes around their conception and inspiration. Our video gallery will provide you with the full story.

Boss Thinking

Product Focus

Introducing Mews
A new work landscape for a new era, with Mark Barrell and Ceri Lovett.

The Kruze Family
Collection Overview with Mark Barrell

DNA Collection
Introduced by Richard Jones

Apply – A Sustainable Task Chair
Introduced by Mark Barrell

Ola – Collection Designed by Wolfgang C.R. Mezger
Introduced by Mark Barrell

Coza Task Chair – designed by Martin Ballendat
Introduced by Mark Barrell

Trinetic Task Chair – Red Dot winner designed and introduced by David Bonnywell 

Paloma Collection
Designed and introduced by Aaron Clarkson

Myriad Modular System
Designed by Aaron Clarkson Introduced by Mark Barrell

Mango – Focused Workbooth
Introduced by Mark Barrell

Ententé designed by Lyndon
Introduced by Tim Armitt

Saint – Design by John Bennett & Giovanni Ingignoli
Introduced by David Bonnywell

Callisto – From Lyndon designed by Rex Johnson
Introduced by Phil Benett