Design. Detail. Refinement.

Honed to Perfection

Upholstery has taught us the meaning and value of detail, comfort and fine tailoring – shaping our entire culture and forming our design ethos. From the creation of new concepts to the painstaking process of patterning the fabrics and leathers through our factories. These are skills and sensitivities that we have been able to apply to a wide range of product groups over the last few years as we continue to broaden our portfolio.

Upholstery and joinery have always been at the heart of what we do. They teach us that attention to detail is crucial to creating quality furniture, and it’s this that shapes our entire design methodology.

Our design process begins and ends with you. We are constantly analysing the current and future needs of workplaces around the world and listening to our customers. Concepts are developed that address their needs and desires to the highest functional and aesthetic standards.

We have a vision for each piece, and we test, iterate and hone its form via a prototype-hungry design process. Every line, contour, base, back, bevel and cushion will be tweaked and reshaped until we know it’s perfect. We never rush a design to market.

British Excellence

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We are what we make. We blend the best of 21st century technology with traditional skills to produce a consistently beautiful product.

Collaborative Design

Our expert team of designers, engineers, model-makers, ergonomists and upholsterers work together to drive our product development programme forward. They collaborate with a network of international freelancers who add wide-ranging skills and diversity to our approach.

At Boss Design, we invest heavily in the latest machinery and processes to produce furniture more sustainably. Our designers work closely the manufacturing team, combining tried and tested techniques with 21st century technology resulting in maximum design creativity and superb product quality.

Design Services

At Boss Design we offer a complete furniture design experience, working closely with our customers to understand their exact requirements. We’ll use that to design and make pieces that are tailored to your organisation, your space and your brand.

Our process is driven by detail – every button, every leg, every surface and every fabric will be carefully considered. We can create a bespoke colourway and fabric finish for each piece you order, right down to the stitching, formulating a unique look specifically for you.

Devoted to Detail


The selection of materials and how we combine them is critical in our design process, and to the quality of our furniture. We work closely with our suppliers to source the best quality materials and constantly seek to reduce our impact on the planet.

Our focus is on recycled, recyclable, renewable and low-energy materials. For example, we’re working with hemp composites, water-based dyes and paints, recycled polymers and even used coffee grinds to make our furniture more sustainable.

In addition, the forms, textures and colourways of the natural world are a key influence on the look and feel of our latest lines.


We all have a responsibility to improve our environment and communities, through responsible manufacturing, providing quality jobs and supporting local and global initiatives. At Boss we understand that everything we do, across the group, has an environmental and social impact.

In order to lead the way towards a sustainable future we measure and strive to continuously improve our processes with a transparent approach, we share our knowledge and encourage sustainable design and mindsets from the inception of a product to the plan for end of its life.

British Europeans

At Boss Design we are proud Europeans with a global outlook, but our approach to design and manufacturing comes from our UK roots. We have a modern and contemporary outlook but combine that with traditional touches and artisan attention to detail. As a result, our overall aesthetic has a modern British sensibility.

Our goal is and always has been to create furniture that is refined, comfortable and beautiful – never brash but always saturated with subtle elegance right down to the last stitch.

Collaborative + Connected

Fresh ideas, new ways of thinking, different approaches – high-quality design relies on all these things. For decades, Boss Design has connected with and collaborated with some of the world’s leading product designers.

The results speak for themselves. Thanks to this collaborative approach, Boss Design has continually been at the vanguard of style in workplace furnishing, while delighting customers globally with the quality of our finished products.

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