The Flat White Economy

Workcafé Flat White Economy According to a 2019 study from the Centre for Economics and Business Research (CEBR) think tank, the so-called ‘flat white sector’ is now the most important driver of the UK economy, in terms of the value it adds. The flat white economy, largely made up of smaller businesses in the digital […]

Workcafé – a Brief History

WorkCafé A Brief History ____ There is nothing new in any of this. The first London coffee house was opened in 1652 by a Greek merchant called Pasqua Roseé, who had grown fond of the drink while trading in Turkey, although a previous coffee house had opened in Oxford. Fifty years later, Britain’s nascent coffee […]

Creating Communities & Culture

Workcafé Creating Communities & Culture ____        It is essential that modern office designs create a great experience for employees and visitors and also offer people a sense of community. This is not just good for the employee but also the business, as it is essential that people work in proximity to each other […]